About Boost Balm


Boost Balm Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer based in the United Kingdom and Malaysia both, giving a fusion of East meets West! Our brand is all about bringing in the magical touch of innovations into fresh, natural day to day products, that is cost and time effective.

We Use The Best Technology



Fictionally, Pegasus Blood has the most pure form of bloods in unicorns, given its unique healing properties. Inspired by this, Boost Balm’s skin barrier cream was so well researched, that every ingredient incorporated has the highest form of quality and origin. The barrier cream took three years of research by the best of scientists and chemists and 1 year of trial and error all upon human testing, as it is our company policy to not test on animals.


Makeup stays for more than 10 hours post application!
Fills pores, 100% natural & suitable for Oily, Dry and Combination skin.


Patented technology of film forming invisible mask once applied.

Creates a breathable film on your skin so any cosmetic products applied above it will adhere to the film and not your skin! So you now need not worry about NOT wearing makeup products due to sensitive skin, as it will not have direct contact with your skin!


Protects and Repairs : Rich in Anti-ageing properties such as Phytosan K a stem cell technology derived and extracted from soy stem cell to protect the skin from UV-RAYS, repair damaged skin and to prevent or reverse premature ageing.

Brightens and Lightens: Bearberry extract is incorporated to brighten dull, uneven skin and naturally lighten dark spots.

Small Bumps & Bumpy Skin: Geranium & Hibiscus extract is rich in AHA, which acts as natural sand paper to smoothen the surface of the face, making your skin feel like a baby’s butt!

Sensitive Skin & Acne: Willow Bark Extract ( a natural Antiseptic) incorporated has natural salicin that combats with sensitive bumps and aggravated skin!

What People Say About Boost Balm

Hanie Hidayah

“Its not oily…it filled my enlarged pores.. I usually need 2 or more primers..but seems like this product is enough!”

Faa Firds

“Uses her skin barrier cream to protect her skin from sun,dust and dirt & all that bad stuff”

Izzaty Jamal

“Boostbalm reduced my dark circles, spots & made my makeup last till 4am

Sabby Prue

“I’ve been having hormonal blemishes, & this helps smoothen out my pores & heals my blemishes as well.. tested it for a week & it helps my makeup stay longer”

How To Apply?