9 Common Skincare Mistakes That People Make

We, as humans, don’t give enough importance to our skin, that it deserves. Being the largest organ in our body, it deserves the most care, but we usually ignore it. Even the whole beauty world has recently made a 180° shift from makeup to skincare. This shift has provided us with numerous products and a lot of information to consume.

Most people have no idea what skincare product to choose for their skin as they are not well aware about their skin and the products available in the market. This lack of understanding is making people commit some serious skincare mistakes which is destroying their skin slowly but deeply.

Here are some most common skincare mistakes that you must avoid:


1. Not Removing Makeup Before Going to Bed

Most of the women commit this mistake thinking it won’t affect their skin. But in reality, it is one of the biggest reasons for skin damage and skin aging.

When you leave the makeup overnight, while sleeping, it just gets in your pores and don’t let your skin breathe and the chemical products build up under your skin giving you horrendous break outs. So, cleaning your makeup before going to bed is extremely essential for a healthy skin.


2. Over Exfoliation

Scrubbing or Exfoliating is considered to be a very important step in your skincare routine. A process which we believe removes our dead skin and any residue left under our skin which in fact it does.

But most people think over doing it, will help their skin to stay supple. The fact is,  by over exfoliating, you are depriving your skin of its natural oils and it will make your skin dry. So, its better to exfoliate twice or maximum thrice a week.


3. Not Using Sunscreen/Sunblock

We all are usually well aware about the effects of direct sun rays on our skin but most of us don’t really give much importance to sunscreen/sunblock, thinking it’s not worth it. It’s one of the biggest mistakes you can commit as far as skin goes.

We don’t realize how harsh sun rays are for our naked skin. By not applying it, you are exposing your skin to such harmful rays which could give you skin cancer as well. Its highly recommended to apply sunscreen every time one leaves the house. 


4. Not Moisturizing Your Skin Enough

Most of us believe moisturizing is only a once-a-day skin care step but actually it’s a minimum twice a day step. One needs to keep their skin moisturized, otherwise your skin will stay too dry, damaging your skin and giving you fine lines even before you get old.


5. Applying Skincare Products in Wrong Order

We usually end up buying multiple skin care products and use left right and center. In simple terms, we end up using all the products in wrong order which could damage our skin.

The right order for skin care routine is to start with your lightest product like toner and serum. Then you can apply an antioxidant, then eye cream, next, add a good moisturizer and an oil as your last product.


6. Neglecting Your Neck

Most of us stop our skincare routine at jawline and just don’t go beyond it, thus neglecting our neck. We must realize that our neck is also a part of our face. As our neck skin is thin, it is prone to aging rapidly, a lot faster than other parts of your body.

A great tip for neck is to keep it moisturized well enough, by using a good moisturizer.


7. Not Changing Your Pillow-case Enough

If someone tells you that your pillowcase plays a big part in your skincare routine, would you believe that person? Maybe you would not. But in reality, it is a fact.

Many people make the mistake of not changing their pillowcases often enough which in turn leads to acne on their skin. It is recommended to even use silk pillowcases which would leave your skin softer and would help with anti-aging.


8. Choosing Wrong Product for Your Skin

No matter how much we research, but one way or the other, we do end up buying wrong products. As far as skin is concerned, using wrong products is a grave sin. It’s always best to stick with products that are meant for your skin only and it’s better to consult a dermatologist before investing or experimenting with any kind of skincare product.


9. Doing Your Skin Routine Just Before Going to Bed

If you are doing your night skincare routine just before going to bed then basically you are feeding your pillow and not your skin. Its recommended to at least give 1 hour to your skin to absorb the products you have applied and then go to bed.


Final Words

Avoiding these listed mistakes is not so difficult. Just treat your ksin the way it deserves and you are good to go. For healthy skin, apart from above tips, make sure you get yourself our amazing line of products that are all natural, halal and vegan.

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