Drinking water is something that we are taught to do at a young age. We are always encouraged to drink water to keep us healthy and thirst free! But do you really know the benefits and importance of drinking water and how it affects your daily life? Well if you don’t then sit back, relax and be prepared to get your mind blown!



As you know, our body is made up of 60% water. Why is this so? Well this is a necessity to support and promote a healthy digestion cycle! You wouldn’t want to continuously feel bloated after a good meal would you? Then drink water! It is also an important habit that helps in the circulation of our blood, the creation of saliva , the conveyance of nutrients as well as being a regulator for our body temperature! That’s why when we are sick and have a fever or come down with something nasty, we are always advised to drink plenty of water! Its mother natures natural remedy!



Do you know the importance of your kidney? Well if you didn’t, the kidneys are the body detox system. By segregating waste and urine to the bladder, the kidney ensures all toxins are removed from the body but that does require a lot of water as the kidney needs it to function efficiently. Lack of water in the body can often cause kidney stones as the minerals that flow through your kidney crystalises , leaving you with an excruciating pain. Of course kidney stones don’t just appear because of the lack of water but water does play a very important role as it keeps the body hydrated to ensure our systems run the way it is suppose to and prevents unwanted blockages from forming



If you are the type who doesn’t drink much water, then one of the side affects you would feel is a constant muscle fatigue. This happens because the body is experiencing to much of an imbalance of fluids. If you’re the type that exercises regularly, then it is especially important to stay hydrated so that the body is able to continue doing its bodily functions. Even for those who don’t exercise regularly or go to the gym, staying hydrated helps in preventing muscles from feeling sluggish.



Well I hate to break it down to you , water doesn’t magically help you lose weight, but staying amply hydrated can definitely help you drop a couple of pounds. Never knew drinking 8 glasses of water could do that am I right?  Well water  makes you feel more full so it decreases you chance or habit of overeating, all you have to do is drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Studies have also shown that drinking water can temporarily boost you metabolic rate  which helps you burn calories faster. Hence filling yourself up with water helps you eat less as well as simultaneously aiding you metabolism and digestion. Drinks such as green tea has been proven through studies to help burn fat and increase metabolic rate as well.



If you find yourself dealing with joint pain frequently, consider increasing your daily water intake. When your body is sufficiently hydrated, it keeps your cartilage soft and supple and helps your joints work properly. Some supplements taken for arthritis pain, such as glucosamine, work by helping the cartilage absorb more water from the body. Just increasing your daily fluid intake can help relieve joint pain without the use of artificial supplements.



Drinking a lot of water cannot reverse the aging process; however, providing energy to your body through continuous hydration can help improve the transparency and overall appearance of the skin. When toxins accumulate in your body, they cause inflammation, which usually leads to redness, dullness, dehydration and/or acne. Fortunately, drinking enough water will help flush out these toxins from your system and keep your skin balanced, clean and hydrated from the inside out.



Adequate hydration can also provide mental benefits. If you do not replenish your body’s water supply, dehydration will occur. Dehydration affects the body’s sodium and electrolyte levels, which are linked to cognitive changes, such as:


  • Impaired working memory
  • Increased anxiety
  • Headaches
  • General fatigue


In severe cases dehydration can lead to confusion and loss of consciousness. Therefore, when you need to strengthen your brain, drink water instead of coffee (the diuretic effect can cause more dehydration). Your body thank you! It’s hard to remember to drink a lot of water when you’re busy working in the office all day long. However, this is very important for both physical and mental health.



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