How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

Skincare is basically an art that many people take for granted. Applying different cleansers and products on your skin without understanding the exact needs of your skin type will not only harm your skin but can have long lasting effects as well. That is why, it’s essential that you must know your skin type.

Although the skin of every individual is unique, there are still a few types of skins where your skin falls in.


Most Common Skin Types


1. Oily Skin

People with oily skin usually have a greasy face. Its probability of acne prone is quite high. 


2. Dry Skin

The skin that has rough or flaky texture is termed as Dry Skin. Its not oily at all and does require frequent moisturizer application.


3. Normal Skin

Normal Skin is neither too dry nor too oily. It’s a balanced skin type and not too many people have this type of skin.


4. Combination Skin

If the cheeks are dry and T-zone (forehead and nose) are oily, then this is the Combination skin type. It’s a mix of oily and dry skin.


5. Sensitive Skin

If your skin faces reactions from skincare products or some spicy food items, then you have a Sensitive Skin.


How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

Based on the list above, you must know which type of skin you have. Let’s learn how to figure out your skin type using different tests and processes.


1. The Bare-Face Method

The simplest method to figure out your skin type is by studying your bare skin carefully. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and use a soft towel to pat dry. Avoid applying any other product on your skin. After around half an hour, observe your skin carefully. 

> If it appears to be shiny on your cheeks and T-zone, you have Oily Skin.

> If your skin feels tight, you likely have a Dry Skin.

> If your nose and forehead (T-zone) feels shiny, you might have a Combination or Normal Skin.


The Blotting Sheet Method

Another simple way to figure out your skin type is by pressing a clean blotting sheet against your face on various spots. Once done, hold the sheet up to the light and observe how much oil it has absorbed. 

> If the sheet has too much oil, you have an Oily Skin

> If there is a very minimal or no oil on the sheet, you have Dry Skin.

> If the sheet absorbed a little oil from your forehead and nose, you might have a Normal or Combination Skin.


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