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Product Ingredients

The good stuff we put in our product that you need to know about.


Avocado Oil

The Story: My hair is too dry? Use avocado! My skin is patchy, make an avocado mask! I need something creamy in my meal that has fewer calories, Avocado! This green pear-shaped blob is rich in Oleic Acid and is responsible for its health benefits!

The Technical Shabang: Excellent natural moisturizer and is rich in monounsaturated fats; oleic acid. So, it is great as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is also rich in antioxidants such as alpha-carotene beta-carotene and lutein that can restore our skin’s health.


Hibiscus Extract

The Story: Hibiscus extract also known as red sorrel, also the national flower of Malaysia is actually native and originally from Angola. It is also uniquely known as NATURE’S BOTOX, as it breaks down a compound called elastase ( the evil enzyme that breaks down our skin’s natural elastin!)

The Technical Shabang: The AHA and anti-oxidant contents of hibiscus acts as pore-reducing agents and exfoliants that removes dead skin cells making it an amazing primer at the same time. The mucilage is an amazing moisturiser that gives a younger, suppler appearance.


Willow Bark Extract

The Story: Remember when aspirin was once the hack for an unexpected zit? Well a lot like aspirin, willow bark is a pain reliever in the old days!

The Technical Shabang: Salicin in willow bark is a multi-functional ingredient that increases radiancy, reduces aggravated skin. However, at the same time reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!


Bearberry Extract

The Story: Bearberry is found largely in Central America. Its costly-ness in the cosmetic industry is due to the fact that it contains Alpha-Arbutin. It is a compound that helps reduce uneven or dark spots!

The Technical Shabang: So, you finally have an ingredient that is potent yet natural enough to reduce those age, dark spots!


Phytosan K (Soy Stem Cell)

The Story: The cause of damaged skin, is mainly UV-induced, causing premature ageing as early as yours 20’s.

The Technical Shabang: Phytosan K derived from organic soybeans protects the skin from UV-induced energy loss. Moreover, it stimulates skin regenerative functions. Moreover, it is boosting collagen production and improving the texture of the skin!


Geranium Oil

The Story: This isn’t just some flowery scented PARFUM, it isn’t a perfume by the way. So, as flowery as geranium sounds, geranium essential oil contains antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Therefore, it can normalize several skin issues such as hormonal acne, dehydration of the skin.

The Technical Shabang: The skin barrier cream has high concentration geranium essential oil that helps control a skin problem epidemic!


Olive Oil

The Story: The secret of Cleopatra’s olive glow was indeed from olive oil. The Greeks are said to have actually bathed in olive oil and drank olive oil as their youth elixir.

The Technical Shabang: Olive oil is a high performing plant oil and it is used for its emollient and moisturizing properties. It is rich in monosaturated fats and antioxidants that prevent premature ageing, heal wounds and prevent water loss in the skin! Whilst normal kitchen olive oil is great for non-acne skin, boost balm uses a non-comedogenic olive oil that has been carefully extracted and filtered giving a 0 count on comedogenic level. Meaning, it is super safe for acne-prone skin!


Daisy Extract

The Story: Often known as “Poor man’s Arnica”, during the Roman Empire, the military doctors soaked bandages with daisy flower tincture to treat wounded soldiers. They used it to ease pain, bruises, wounds and even broken bones. Having this in mind, we tested it on inflammatory acne issues and it turned out it worked like a gem. What is even more surprising is that it helped lighten pigmentation as good as arbutin for the skin in our experiment!

The Technical Shabang: Daisy flower extract contains a naturally occurring substance called L-arbutin. This can help to lighten the skin. Therefore, If you react adversely to skin care products that contain hydroquinone or kojic acid, daisy flower extract is an excellent natural substitute. Its antibacterial properties really help with cleaning out all that gunk and killing the existing bad bacteria on the skin’s surface!


Chalmoogra Oil

The Story: Often used for the treatment of Leprosy, it was first discovered after the Burmese folklore where a Burmese prince contracted leprosy and was advised by the gods to withdraw from the world and to go into the forest to meditate. In the woods he was directed by the gods to a tree with a large fruit with many seeds. He was told to eat it and was thereupon cured of leprosy.

The Technical Shabang: Our team studied this very ingredient for the use of issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema due to its antimicrobial company called hydnocarpic acids, a lipophilic compound. Gladly, it was found that eczema and psoriasis flare ups we reported to have reduced tremendously.


Nigella Sativa Oil

The Story: This popular oil has been a breakthrough within the muslim community where it was said by the great Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) that this blackseed is healing for all diseases but death. We actually looked into the properties for skin healing purposes.

The Technical Shabang: Our findings were that it was rich in Vitamin A and Niacin specifically which aids with the healing of very inflammatory acne. Skin that overproduces oil is more susceptible to acne breakouts since excess oil collects in pores. The essential fatty acids in black cumin seed oil help to flush out this oil. It does this by creating healthy skin cells that work to dissolve fat deposits in pores.


Leptospermum Scoparium Leaf

The Story: Commonly known as Manuka oil or also known as New Zealand tea tree; it is indigenous to New Zealand. It has been used for centuries by natives and immigrants to treat wounds, inflammation and fever and pain.

The Technical Shabang: The essential oil contains beta- triketones, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. Tea tree is commonly used for acne but its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and anti-parasitic has shown remarkable recovery and is often used as an ailment to various skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis.


Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil

The Story: Commonly known as sacha inchi, Sacha inchi is founded in the deep ends of the Amazon Forest. Sacha Inchi seeds have a history dating back 3000 years in Peru.

The Technical Shabang: It has the highest content of omega 3 fatty acids, 17 times more than wild salmon. Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids that are highly anti-inflammatory, and found in large quantities in cell membrane structures.

boostbalm Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract

Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract

The Story: Also known as the Baobab Tree, or upside-down tree, is an icon symbolic of Africa. The Baobab tree has been referred to as a small pharmacy or chemist tree due to its rich properties.

The Technical Shabang: Baobab is packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. Plus, it has a smooth, lightweight texture that absorbs quickly without ever feeling oily or greasy, which makes our products super fast absorbing!

boostbalm Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (Ghassoul Clay)

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

The Story: Rhassoul clay is from the Atlas mountains in morocco. It is famous amongst Mediterranean and African women due to its deep cleansing properties that are rich in silica, iron and magnesium. It is currently the world’s deep cleansing clay as it has the highest electromagnetic properties amongst all other clays in the world.

The Technical Shabang: Its superfine texture makes it easy and not harsh to use a cleanser for the skin. It has a high absorption ratio and is known to help tone the skin and improve resilience. Due to this, it is able to soften the skin and reduce sebum secretion along with regenerating new skin cells.

boostbalm Natural Fruit Acid Blend

Natural Fruit Acid Blend

The Story: Since we do not approve of synthetic acids, or synthetic anything really, we decided to make a combination acid formulation within our formulation that is derived completely from fruits such as bilberry, sugar maple and lemon!

The Technical Shabang: This blend consists of all the necessary acids required to strip off that pigmentation layer or scar off your skin! It consists of lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, glycolic acid and malic acid which is all perfectly safe to be used on our skin. The high AHA levels in these acids is often judged by keratolytic ability. They weaken bonds that hold dead skin cells together. When these bonds are weakened, the dead cells can be shed from the surface of the skin, resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and younger.

boostbalm Rosemary Extract

Rosemary Extract

The Story: Although rosemary is often used for the hair, in the skincare world it is commonly used as a preservative. To us though? We just make sure to use good quality rosemary extract with a good concentration to make sure you are also getting the skin benefit you need, it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that we definitely do not want to miss out on!

The Technical Shabang: Rosemary extract has high potency antioxidant properties, with an ORAC rating of 11,070, the same rate as Goji berries. Let that sink in, it just proves how amazing it is for your skin! Rosmarinic acid is found in rosemary extract largely which is responsible to reduce inflammations in eczema, psoriasis flare ups and even allergies.