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ReGen Nectar


The Regen nectar is a wholefoood supplement targeted to reduce body inflammation, balance hormones and rejuvenate your body cells with its high contents of antioxidants derived from a blend of power-giving fruits.



  • 100% Organic and Pesticide-free
  • Whole-food supplement
  • Super antioxidants and high in carotenoids
  • 100% Plant based and Cruelty-Free


1 sachet contains 15g of product

Botanical beverage

*Please take note that due to high demand, stock is limited*


*These statistical data may vary in time*

8/10 of our current customers get their periods within the first week of use. Findings of increased metabolism and calorie burn after 2 weeks of consistent use. (Customers who used to burn 600 calories, now burns 1000 + calories with the same work out)

99% of our current customers saw increased energy levels.

99% of our current customers claims that having a full course of 28 sachets reduced their fatigue and tiredness by 90%

To be taken on an empty stomach every morning. For optimum results, please see the below guideline:

Above 59kgs: Two sachets a day
Below 59kgs: Once a day

Please be advised that this is a botanical beverage which is 100% organic

All our tests are done in-vivo amongst selected volunteers over the course of 6-12 months.

Formulator/founder and creator of the ReGen Nectar
Dr Soobitha Subenthiran (MBBS; MMed Sc. Pharmacogenetics; MDCH., BSCH)

Published clinical and molecular medicine researcher, with 130 over citations and medical doctor with sixteen years of clinical experience. Headed two National Institute of Health (NIH) funded clinical trials. Published author and reviewer for indexed international medical journals.

Guest speaker at medical conferences. Consultant and reviewer for drug discovery and marketing program under the New Key Economic Areas (NKEA), Prime Minister’s Office. Reviewer for technology grants under Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI).

Advisor to local pharmaceuticals on Ministry of Health requirements for product registration as well as effective strategies to obtain government grants for product development and marketing.

Contributed to the first edition of Good Clinic Practice (GCP) inspection guidelines, National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health and Herbal Medicine vocabulary, Department of Standards, Malaysia.

Regen Nectar and the power of reducing inflammation naturally

ReGen Nectar is a revolutionary product packed with all the essential nutrients the body requires to promote healthy cellular functions.
It contains the perfect blend of the longest surviving fruits and seeds organically grown and formulated based on the latest technology to ensure its rich array of antioxidants along with its natural enzymes which are essential catalysts for biochemical reactions within the cells, are preserved at its optimal potency.

In addition to this, it is a powerhouse of high quality natural Vitamin C complexes, Vitamin E as well as a generous source of essential phospholipids which are the building blocks of every cell in the body,

It helps with cellular repair, hepatic rejuvenation, and ensures efficient cell signalling to boost immunity, and maintain a healthy nervous system.

ReGen Nectar facilitates overall wellbeing, improves skin health, promotes hair growth while enhancing reproductive health.

It contains 12 core ingredients which includes cape gooseberries, golden apple and sunflower seeds and palm fruit. Most importantly, it is chemical free and completely safe for daily consumption.

Cape Berry, Golden Apple, Palm Fruit, Pineapple Vinegar, Sunflower seeds, Screwpine Juice, Glycerine

What is Rhassoul clay?

  • Rhassoul or Ghassoul clay is from the Atlas mountains in morocco. It is famous amongst Mediterranean and African women due to its deep cleansing properties that is rich in silica, iron and magnesium.
  • It is currently the worlds deepest cleansing clay as it has the highest electromagnetic properties amongst all other clays in the world. This means that it draws out impurities better than other clays comparatively.


Is Rhassoul600 suitable for dry skin?

  • Yes! Rhassoul clay is a very special and unique clay, it is very versatile and often used specifically for hair relaxation and conditioning. The mineral compositions of Rhassoul clay is responsible for its hydrating capabilities and hence is perfect for dry skin.


Is Rhassoul600 useful for removing blackheads?

  • Yes! The electromagnetic effects from this very clay helps to draw our impurities very efficiently. Use it as a mask twice a week, and you are good to go!


How often can we use the Rhassoul600?

  •  It can be used twice a week as a mask or scrub, and twice daily as a cleanser
  • Although our routine is just a 2-step skincare routine, the way to use it differs on a skin to skin basis. It is advised to seek the best routine for your skin via our skin assistance guidance.


Doesn’t charcoal in the Rhassoul 600 stain the skin?

  • Natural charcoal is very staining for the skin, that is why most manufacturers worldwide uses a lot of soap base when formulating products with charcoal.
  • The Rhassoul600 however does not contain any form of soap on its own. However, we did find a way to effectively reduce the staining significantly. It does not stain for most skin types, just simply washing your skin off with warm water will do.
  • However, there are several feedbacks amongst customers with deep pores claiming that it is slightly staining. Fret not! This only means that the clay and charcoal is really binding itself to all the gunk in your skin! All you have to do is just wash it off with a soap based cleanser or alternatively use the FREE facial pads given to cleanse it off completely from the skin.


When should I use The Skin Barrier Cream?

  • In the morning as a primer before makeup, and 5 minutes before bed at night as a night treatment cream.


How does The Skin Barrier Cream work?

  • The skin barrier cream contains a film-forming technology that acts as a film/filter on the skin to prevent chemicals in make-up from entering the skin. It is important to note that this film-forming technology is a water permeable layer, it is extremely breathable and light.
  • It is recommended to use the skin barrier cream at night as well as it also contains 15 botanical extracts that helps with smoothening out bumps, shrinking acne and pore size and reducing scars and pigmentation.


Can The Skin Barrier Cream treat pimples?

  • Yes! The skin barrier cream contains willow bark extract ( which is the natural form salicylic acid) and 14 other anti-inflammatory extracts targeting to reduce inflammation on the skin.
  • Around day 1 it is predicted for your pimple to start drying. On day 3, it will start shrinking in size significantly and by 7-10, most customers find their skin smoothen out and left with 75% scarring (However, this depends on the severity of the acne, timelines can differ.)


Can the Skin Barrier Cream reduce acne scars and pigmentation?

  • The skin barrier cream contains Alpha-Arbutin, Soy stem cells, Hibiscus extract, Daisy extract all targeted to reduce severe pigmentation and scarring.
  • Because of its collagen pricking abilities, it is able to promote more collagen growth on the skin, which is great to also reduce pore visibility.


Can the Rhassoul600 help with Keratosis pilaris or strawberry skin?

  • The reason why the Rhassoul600 is effective is because it is a combination of clay, charcoal and acid, which is highly detoxifying for your pores, helping any ingrown hair to grow out normally.
  • It is also extremely brightening, which helps with reducing the scarring caused by the ingrown hair itself.

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