The Skin Barrier Cream (50ml)- Pegasus Blood Edition

RM 149

  • New Packaging- Easy to use & More hygienic
  • Detoxifies & brightens your skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Tightens your skin’s pores
  • Extracts pollutants and nasties from your skin
  • Helps reduce inflammation caused by acne and eczema
  • No parabens/SLS or other harsh chemicals
  • Vegan & cruelty free


An award-winning product that acts as a multi-functional cream targeting 15 skin conditions using 15 wholesome natural extracts powered by Green-Technology.
This product was innovated for the sole purpose of saving customer’s skin. It is our best-selling product due to its innovative functions that can create a permeable barrier on the skin that prevents chemicals in make-up products or free radicals in polluted air from entering the skin, preventing breakouts.
It is used as an AM to PM cream, wherein the AM it can be used as a primer & skin protector and in the PM as a night treatment cream for skin rejuvenation, repair, and enhancement!
Acne: Willow bark extract, Sacha inchi, Manuka oil, Baobab extract & Magnolia Bark extract in the skin barrier cream reduces tiny bumps on the skin, cystic acne inflammation & fungal-acne.
Effect Timeline: Overnight onwards/8 hours
Scars & Pigmentation: Hibiscus extract, Plant stem cell & Bearberry extract( commonly known as Alpha-arbutin) is used to target Reducing scars from 3 days onwards
Effect Timeline: 3 days onwards
Pores: Hibiscus extract & Phyto stem cells in the skin barrier cream acts as an exfoliate the surface of skin which reduces the appearance of pores almost instantly on the skin!
Effect Timeline: Instant
Eczema: The use of sacha inchi oil and chaulmoogra oil calms down flare ups in eczema within minutes of application.
Effect Timeline: Instant
Fun-Fact: 🍀 The skin barrier cream won an award for its innovation called the “barrier-technology, skin-filter system”in the Halal-hi tech challenge by the Malaysian government and Small Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMECorp Malaysia)


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