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Say NO MORE to concealing your scars

Yes, scars are removable with the right skincare routine.

This however depends on the scars that you have!

Acne & Scarring

Atrophic Scars

Appears as pitted like scars on the skin. These indentation are usually due to tissue damage caused by cystic acne. The best way to heal these pitted holes are to trick your skin to create more collagen just by pricking them with lasers or acids.

Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (Dark Marks)

  • PIH is a reaction when a pimple is irritated which then causes a melanin response that leaves dark marks on the skin.
  • It is usually more common with men/women with skin type Fitzpatrick 3/4, which is tan to dark skin tones.

Post Inflammatory Erythema (Reddish−looking Scars)

  • PIE is a response caused by dilated blood vessels which appears red/pink on the skin. This is often due to picking pimple.
  • Lighter skin individuals with fitzpatrick I,II,III tends to have this.
  • The solution really calms down to ample amount of hydration, clay masking twice a week and anti−inflammatory treatments!

Recommended Product(s):

The 2 Step-skincare Rescue Routine!

Atrophic Scars & Dark Marks

Daily Exfoliation with Clay And Acids

  • The Rhassoul 600 is to be used as a cleanser twice daily. The mechanical feature of the clay and fruit acids in the product will not only SCRAPE your scars & dead skin but it will penetrate into 3 layers of the skin.
  • The next steps are essential, as it contains actives that will give you x10 the effect in reducing your scars and pigmentation.

Hydration and Anti-inflammatory + brightening treatment

  • This step is vital as the Hyaluronic Glow Serum is a blend of tranexamic acid, N-acetyl Glucosamine and 8% Multi-fruit acids, which is X47 more potent than any aesthetic serum out there to brighten skin issues such as melasma and pigmentation.
  • We highly recommend that you follow the last step of applying the skin barrier cream, as any brightening serum in the market can cause the skin to generally be more sensitive than it already is. Applying the barrier cream would calm the skin immediately as it contains 15 anti-inflammatory ingredients, preventing the skin from further break-outs.
  • Bonus tip: Apply our Rhassoul 600 mask twice a week, to detoxify any congestion. This is fairly important and essential, as it allows any acids or peptides to work into your skin.

The 2-Step Calming and Brightening Routine

Reddish Looking Scars


Calming The Skin and Pricking The Skin Indirectly

  • The Rhassoul 600 contains calming effects that helps to reduce PIE overtime.
  • It also contains acids that can help promote collagen growth drastically.
  • To treat PIE specifically, the Rhassoul 600 should be used as a mask instead of a cleanser on a 2 times a week basis.


Hydration and Anti-inflammatory treatment

  • The skin barrier cream contains over 15 botanical extracts that are not only brightening, and collagen improving, but it is highly anti-inflammatory! Using it daily as a night treatment cream will not only increase hydration but reduce your PIE by 90% in less than 2 months.

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