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Patchy, dull, and dry skin should stick with gloomy days

I Want The Kind Of Skin Where When The Light Hits, My Skin Glows

It is possible, just make new best friends called acid and barrier, you’re good to go!

Dry & Dull Skin

Why do I have dry and dull skin?

  • There are various reasons for this, but research has shown that dry skin is often linked to impaired skin barrier and deficiency in healthy fats in the top layer of the skin especially.
  • Another common reason would be, as we grow older our natural oils tend to secrete less due to decreased cell renewal which can lead to dry and wrinkled skin in the long run.

How do I rejuvenate my skin internally?

  • Well, the only way to do this is by increasing your healthy fats such as fatty fish, avocados, sweet potatoes seeds, and red palm extract. Research has also shown that drinking water according to your BMI helps to instantly nourish and plump up your skin cells.

What would be the best routine?

  • Often with dry and dull skin comes patchiness, excess dead and scaly skin. It is important to first fix your skin barrier and to do so, you would need to remove that excess dead skin completely and then start your skincare routine. Our 2 step skincare routine consists of clay and acids-based cleanser that will slay all the dead skin and a skin barrier cream that helps treat your skin barrier, brighten it and also hydrate it.

Recommended Product(s):

Please take note that this is a nightly skincare routine. We highly recommend to use the serum and balm at night and to only cleanse the skin once a day. Reducing the amount of time you cleanse your skin in a day, will prevent premature-ageing.

Morning Routine

Apply the Skin Barrier Cream

Night Routine

 1. Cleanse your skin with the Superfine Brightening Clay Cleanser.

2. Pat the Super Hyaluronic Glow serum onto damp skin

3. Apply or massage a 5p size amount of the Overnight Glass Skin Balm. Apply daily or alternatively use the balm once a week as a method of slugging your skin, giving it extreme hydration + barrier fixing abilities.

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