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Oat milk bath, drenched in shea butter, I have done it all, what is next?

My Skin Is Red And It Has Fish-like Scales On It!

Have you tried clay as a cleanser? Or AHAs to slay your dead scale buildup? Try it, we promise you, you’re going to love it!

Eczema & Psoriasis

What is eczema and psoriasis?

  • The cause of eczema is usually due to external environmental factors whereas psoriasis is a type of auto-immune disease that causes your skin cells to grow too fast. Psoriasis and Eczema both tends to have similar skin texture in which it tends to have scaly excess skin.

Are there foods that can help my skin look good again, with this condition?

  • 3 words: Fight that inflammation. Customers who suffers from both conditions together, tend to have better skin whilst being on an anti-inflammatory diet. Anti-inflammatory foods, can fight the inflammation significantly reducing effects from both these disease!

What should be my skincare routine?

  • Psoriasis and eczema do not necessarily require a super mild routine. AHAs are still widely used because of it’s softening effects on flaky and scaling skin. It helps slough off any scaly buildups. We love Moroccan Rhassoul clay for psoriasis and eczema only because it has an extremely soothing effect that helps with inflamed skin. After removing your dead skin, it is essential to fix that skin barrier again and get your skin plumped up and hydrated. The 2-Step skincare routine offers both these solutions without the need of using 10 other serums, or worst steroid creams to successfully clear out the skin!

Recommended Product(s):

Daily Exfoliation With Clay And Acids

  • The Rhassoul600 is to be used as a cleanser twice daily. The mechanical feature of the clay and fruit acids in the product will not only SCRAPE ur dead cells away but the acids in it will penetrate up to 3 layers of the skin, which will rejuvenate your skin from within.
  • The next step is essential, as it contains actives that will give you x10 the effect in reducing your scars and pigmentation.


Hydration and Anti-inflammatory + brightening treatment

  • This step is vital as the skin barrier cream contains 15 actives, which will improve your skin elasticity and barrier, it will also hydrate and brighten your skin instantly! Apply the skin barrier cream twice a day morning and night daily on cleansed skin to see promising drastic effects!

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