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It is totally normal to have visible pores, people!

The Wolf Pack: Pores, Oily Skin and Blackheads.

We’re coming for you, blackheads

Large Pores, Blackheads, Whiteheads & Oily Skin

Why do I have large pores, oily skin and blackheads?

  • Large pores is largely due to overactive oil glands that make too much oil for the skin. What happens is overtime this oil build up gets mixed with dust and dead skin cells that turns into blackheads.
  • Pores are like expandable bags, not doing anything about it on a weekly basis, could expand your pores more.

Food to reduce overactive oil glands?

  • Did you know increasing your vitamin A intake alone is a game changer for large pores and oily skin? It helps by lowering the activity sebaceous oil glands!
  • Most importantly, you have to reduce refined carbs! Consuming refined carbs, spikes your insulin levels and your androgens which stimulates excess sebum production and there you have it oily skin!

Skincare for overactive glands and blackheads?

  • As tempting as it is, it is important to not prick your skin as this could damage your pores permanently!
  • Congested oil glands and blackheads can simply be reduced by applying detoxifying clay masks on a regular basis (2-3 times a week). It is important to find face masks such as our Rhassoul 600 that has electromagnetic properties and biding abilities, so it can attach itself to impurities and draw out any sort of impurities in your glands.

Recommended Product(s):

Detox your skin X50 with the Rhassoul 600

  • The Rhassoul600 is to be used as a mask twice or thrice a week for oily skin and large pores. Rhassoul clay is the world’s most magnetic clay, it is known for its ability to draw out impurities from the skin. Charcoal in the Rhassoul 600 has extra binding properties too, it can bind itself to impurities and toxins in the pores.

  • How is Rhassoul600 different from other rhassoul clay-based masks?
    It not only contains added charcoal but we decided to include acids (AHA and BHA) in it for its extra benefits. AHAs tends to penetrate deep into 2 layers of the skin which helps exfoliate your glands deeper. The added benefit of acids are, it gives you an immediate brightening effect too.

  • 8/10 of all our customers saw an improvement with their complexion tone and colour.

  • 9/10 saw a drastic reduction of their blackheads and oily skin.

Apply the Skin Barrier Cream regularly

  • The skin barrier cream contains 15 botanical extracts that are extremely pore-friendly. It minimizes the appearance of pore size over consistent use dramatically.

  • It also works as a great hydrating moisturizer for oily skin as it controls and balances oil production in the skin.

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