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Hormonal Acne

Why Acne?

Acne, in general, can be tough, it usually occurs due to more androgens in the body or dietary lifestyle issues, by just taking care of your inner health, your acne will be reduced by a good 70-80%!

Medication for Acne?

Boostbalm does not believe in products such as RO-Accutane or steroids as this can be detrimental to the liver. What we do recommend is seeing a nutritionist or a dietician to balance out your hormones or start on an anti-inflammatory diet from today!

Skincare for Acne?

While 10 products in a routine can be expensive, it can also be rather confusing for the skin. Sometimes, simplicity is all we need to solve our everlasting issues. We created the 2-step skincare routine, that will eliminate not only your acne but scars, using natural botanical extracts that are well researched and used by over 15,000 raving customers! See down below.

Recommended Product(s):

  • Detox your skin with our 3 in 1 mask Rhassoul 600 which will pull out all the toxins,whiteheads & blackheads underneath your skin. This is important so that we can remove as much toxins and impurities before treating it with antiseptic in the next step.
  • Application of the Skin barrier cream is vital, as it has antiseptic properties that will kill all BAD bacteria on your skin, therefore shrinking your pimples.


  • It will lighten scars, and also prevent your skin from breaking out further.


  • The skin barrier cream is to be used as a night treatment 5 minutes before you sleep as this will allow the actives in the product to work more effectively. Make sure to apply it on clean skin.


  • The skin barrier cream can be used as a primer as it has a barrier technology preventing chemicals in make-up products from entering the skin, be sure to apply this to prevent further breakouts from products.

Recovery Time:

8 Hours Onwards