What Problem Are You Facing?

A. Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne can be tough, it usually occurs due to more androgens in the body, by taking care your inner health this will reduce 70-80% of acne.

Boostbalm does not believe in products such as RO-accutane as that can be detrimental for the liver, what we do recommend is seeing a nutrionist or a dietician to balance-out your hormones.

Speak to our consultant to recommend a good dietary plan.


B. Acne & Scarring

Scarring usually happens due to the skin type of a person. Individual with Fitzpatrick ¾ tan-darker individuals tend to have higher chances of having scarring post acne

Don’t worry, the great thing about scarring is that it is nothing to do with hormones but rather topical product applications and treatments, let boost balm help you!


C. Scars, pigmentation or melasma

Pigmentation and melasma is very much hormones related, individuals who do suffer from both this issue is expected to increase the usage of sunblock, and control carbs intake. Please see a dietician or an endocrinologist to come up with a plan or alternative get a basic plan from our in-house consultant!

The great thing is melasma and pigmentation although tough to remove, there are promising treatments such as the use of acids in products and mechanical methods to remove it!


D. Large pores, black and whiteheads

Large pores is usually due to genetics, or most of the times it is due to oily skin that builds up dirt in the pores, which stretches over time.

A good detox mask is all you need!


E. Dry & Dull skin

Dry and dull skin is sometimes due to hormones, lack of water intake and whether, thus drinking 8-10 glass of water as per your body weight is vital

The use of natural acids will really help brighten the skin in products, as this will exfoliate the skin, giving you a supple glow.


F. Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are generally due to genetics & also generally individuals who are highly sensitive to certain ingredients that may ‘trigger’ flaky, sensitive, raised red skin.

Internally you must know your ‘trigger’ and externally always use mild anti-inflammatory ingredients, boost balm does not advise the use of steroids if you are able to find YOUR natural alternative!



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