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“It is the small things for us. We’re trying to make a difference by starting with education, awareness and what we can control i.e the things we create & innovate”

– Shareezma Hanif

Abstract icon representing the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.

We make other people’s trash our treasure.

After decades of watching our cute little nemos and goofy looking turtles die, we vowed to the oceans that we owe it to them. In-fact, we human beings believe it or not are affected by the dump in the sea and that is why we have decided to only purchase post recycled packaging!

Black tubs aren’t recyclable

Black tubs can’t be recycled, causing it to end up in the ocean & landfills. So that is why we decided to break the cycle and instead let the tubs run within our company. This means, for every 5 tubs used, customers can return it back to us for a whole new free mask, how cool is that?


We have started our initiatives of teaching consumers on how to recycle our black tubs beautifully by painting the jars to be used as pots, coin jars, herb containers & spice containers!