This is What Your Skin Looks Like After 1 hour of Walking in the City. #LetsChangeThatPronto

Which Category are you in?

  1. You have always had a flawless face and all of a sudden you have started to break-out out of nowhere?
  2. You have always suffered from congested skin, break-outs, so you could never wear make-up. If you don’t wear make-up you somehow still a break-out cause of the horrible air pollution.
  3. So, you are titanium, you believe that you are bullet-proof, so nothing ever could happen to your skin.

I fell under the no3 Category, never had a zit a day in my life, the skin was flawless, thick, plummy, till I hit the age of 21 years old when I moved to the polluted city of London. It was when exactly my life started to completely change. It was horrible, it was 3 layers of horrid congested infected skin. God knows what it was, hormones, the pollution, the hard-water?

Everything changed when these sort of pictures started circulating the internet:

The Skin Barrier Cream Skin exposed to air pollution after a whole day.

I knew it could largely be because of external factors such as free-radicals from the air, chemicals in make-up products. Moreover, the plain dirty dust in our surroundings but to see gunk & just pure junk on your face after a day of shopping is just unacceptable.

I remember trying out 57 Products to try to fix my skin– none of which worked. So, I’d literally make friends with the sales girls in Debenhams, Space NK just to get the latest products in, you name it, nothing worked, or if anything worked, it would disappoint me two weeks later.

Clear Understanding:

It was a vicious cycle.

The Skin Barrier Cream

I was devastated until I met DR G, which honestly changed my life. So, I decided to work with my very own independent chemist to come up with a protector. It is a film-forming cream that will help prevent chemicals in make-up or free-radicals from the air from entering and ruining the health of my skin. I loved make-up, but it wasn’t doing good for me. So, I found a way to be WORRY-FREE, something that was going to protect my skin whilst wearing make-up, if not free-radicals from air pollution. I needed everything to be in a bottle. It was a make it work moment, needed something to protect my skin, heal it, and prime it at the same time.

Then, VOILA after 2.5 dreadful years of research, we finally found the perfect formula to it all and the results are MIND-BLOWING!

The Skin Barrier Cream

The Skin Barrier Cream

The Science behind it:

Can you imagine, walking worry-free thinking “I am not going to break-out & I am Saving 10 years of my skin”

Saving 10 years of my skin .            Saving 10 years of my skin

Cellular image of bacteria on the skin                          Protective layer on the skin with 

                                                                                                      The Skin Barrier Cream

  1. Air Pollution: The responsible factor that causes the skin’s health to be affected is Smog and thus without the use of make-up. It is also still necessary to protect our skin from such radicals as it causes Premature-Ageing, Acne & Dehydrated skin.
  2. Make-up Ingredients: Mica, Talc, dimethicones, comedogenic ingredients, paraben are the major factors of the deterioration of our skin So, let’s protect our skin with the “Skin Barrier Cream.


Scars & Acne

The above image took 1-2 months of recovery. You are probably wondering by now like hold-up, how did her  Scars & Acne, go away? Why does her skin look tighter?

This is Why:

boost balm cosmetics

Because not only did it do an amazing job protecting my skin, it did a crazy job of TREATING my skin. So, my scars were gone. Moreover, my acne was controlled and my skin was AIR-TIGHT.

It doesn’t stop there, It treats your skin(Look at the list of ingredients!):

✅Geranium Essential Oil- Great for firming + Skin Brightening+ Skin Rosy-ness

Plukenetia Volubilis- The highest concentration of Omega that is Vegan, Great for firming, and lifting the skin.

Willow Bark Extract- Meant to act as an antiseptic for the face & acts as an anti-inflammatory for acne skin.

Hibiscus ExtractNatural skin buffer that smoothens out any tiny bumps & active acne

Phytosan K Natural Soya Stem Cells- Increase collagen in your skin, by stimulating collagen production

Avocado extract- Moisturises the skin very well up to three layers of the skin

✅Bearberry ExtractResponsible for Skin Brightening + Scar Lightening. 
The Skin Barrier Cream is now Available in trial size if you guys would just like to give this baby a go!
Trial size 10ml (Lasts 1 month) :
Large Skin Barrier Cream;20ml (Lasts 3 months):


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