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Vaping And Its Effects On The Skin


Shareezma Hanif

Shareezma Hanif

Vaping is something that has become a norm in today’s day and age. It is a rapid growing industry due to many factors such as cultural conformity and peer pressure. They come in different flavours , different colours and smells to appeal to the younger generation. We know that vaping takes a toll on our internal organs like our lungs! But did you know that it also affects the way you look? Many people aren’t aware on how vaping affects your skin and the way your appearance.


Yes, you read it right! Vaping has actually caused a large increase of acne breakouts amongst vapers. Although there are people who claim to experience extreme and terrible breakouts after they had started vaping, there are also a handful who have who have claimed the exact opposite! This may often be due to the fact that they would have switched to vaping as a “healthier” alternative rather than smoking a regular cigarette which contains more than 7000 chemicals that we tend to inhale. Therefor it is possible for the results of reduce acne as the individual may not have been exposed to tobacco and another list of chemicals. However, that does not mean that vaping can cure acne as many vapers have reported that they have had an increase of flare ups or even noticing acne on their skin for the very first time since their vaping journey. Very often these outbreaks tend to occur closer to the mouth and chin area.



Why so? It is believed that theoretically, the increase of acne in this region is due to the fact that there is constant contact between our hand and face when vaping , so we subconsciously touch our face with hands that carry bacteria from touching the things around us along with our vapes. The act of exchanging and sharing a vape pen with one another may also result in an increase of acne as hundreds and thousands of bacteria is exchange through this process. It may seem harmless, just like sharing a straw in drink with someone you care or are comfortable with, but the truth of the matter is, it is considered unhygienic , which makes it a lush and suitable ground for bacteria to thrive.


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