Your Skin is Ageing & NO you are not imagining it.

You wake up in the morning one fine day, to find that your eyelids are creasing & droopy. You think that its probably just puffy eyes – I mean I just woke up?

It probably is, but it probably isn’t. We are all ageing as we speak, it is only part & parcel of life. Something that we regrettably cannot avoid, with most cases ageing sooner than later, but can you blame your skin though?

It is pointless to start worrying once you hit your 50’s, don’t start caring for your skin only later, invest in anti-aging products or what I would prefer to say moisturizing products that plump the skin more rather than stuff that dries out your skin, as when you lose moisture in the skin, that is exactly when your skin starts looking a little less radiant and firm.

Drinking ALOT of water is also essential, sheds them extra fats too.

BUT, what am I doing to prevent my skin from losing its elasticity? Why is my skin losing its firmness?

See guys, while make-up does enhance your already gorgeous features, chemicals in make-up can speed up the ageing process by X10. It takes 28seconds for those chemicals in your make-up to enter your skin which gets accumulated in your cells, which then speeds up the ageing process by X10. It really isn’t ideal.

That is exactly why The Skin Barrier Cream by Boost Balm Cosmetics, was created in the first place!

It is to create a barrier between chemicals in make-up products and the skin. So that it does not entirely enter your cells and cause this fast forward ageing process to happen.

I honestly cannot stress, what difference this product has made to my Skin. I feel like it looks plumped, tighter. Moreover, I just generally feel super protected & more radiant, and guess what? I actually stopped breaking out, cause duh there is finally that barrier between my makeup products and my skin. So my skin is not suffocated by any chemicals + it is filled with an antiseptic called Willow Bark Extract that kills those nasty bacteria in my old clogged pores.

The Skin Barrier Cream contains Soya stem cells.

It is rich in protein and thus has skin regenerative properties, that brings dead cells back to life. How cool is that? It is also rich in Bearberry extract. It is a well known natural component that helps to lighten dark spots and brighten uneven skin tone. Moreover, it is an amazing alternative as opposed to hydroquinone and mercury that are said to be carcinogenic ingredients!

All said & done, the 3 years of research that I took to create this product was hella worth it, cause I have never been so in love with a product in my entire life. Wait, there’s another product that I am currently in love with that really compliments the skin barrier cream, which is the Algenist Skin Peel, it really helps my product to penetrate through the skin like a sponge!

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