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Almost 80% of the world’s population health is affected by hormone disruptors.

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We love our fur animals, and will only test on hormonal human beings 😊


Halal means cruelty-free and pristine hygiene. Skin tip: always opt for halal, it has better quality checks.

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A Promise for our Hormonal girls/boys: There are currently 108 official hormone disruptors in the world, and we have none of it.

I was a ball of
skin diseases

I’ve suffered with acne,eczema, keratosis pilaris, melasma and body pigmentation for a lot of years of my life due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and hormonal imbalance. There really wasn’t anything out there that represented me and what I was dealing with.

So I created this safe space for women suffering with the same issues as I did to have access to the best possible solutions for their hormonal issues.

Star Product Of The Week

Rhassoul 600

Detoxifying your skin but nothing’s working? Try our clay based acid mask that scrapes off your blackheads and cleans out the funky gunk in no time.

This transforming acid-based clay mask is a 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask. It starts as a kinetic sand and as you add water, it magically turns into a beautiful creamy clay that leaves your skin bright, glowing and poreless from a mile away!

Detoxifying and Brightening

We use the perfect blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, activated coconut charcoal and multi-fruit acids to detoxify and brighten dull & congested skin.

Paying for your money's worth:

Most clay masks that contain acids use 20% of clay, and we use 80% + the added benefits of oils and acids, giving you quality and effective performance.


It is often used as a face clay mask and a body clay mask/scrub to remove ingrown hairs and stubborn pigmentation.

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Hormone Problem?

Pick a side-effect from your hormone problem

Acne, in general, can be tough, it usually occurs due to more androgens in the body or dietary lifestyle issues, by just taking care of your inner health, your acne will be reduced by a good 70-80%!

Get rid of them:

  1. Anti-inflammatory diet
  2. Enough sleep
  3. BoostBalm’s The 3 Step Acne Regimen

Step 1
Cleanse daily with our super fine brightening cleanser.

Step 2
Treat and moisturize with the skin barrier cream!

Step 3
Mask and extract all the gunk out of your skin twice a week!

Yes, even if you don’t prick them, they will scar. PIH and PIE is just one of those things you have to deal with, but hold your horses, cause we have an effective method for you.

The Glass Skin Bundle Deal

You know that thick pigmentation that is five shades darker than your normal skin tone at the back of your thighs or perhaps on your toes, knees and most commonly on your face? They’re hormone related.

These are the routines that have helped our previous customers:

  1. Going on a low carb, low sugar, anti-inflammatory diet
  2. Prevent using tight fitting clothing, especially jeans to prevent friction
  3. Skincare routine: Use the Rhassoul600 as a mask/scrub 4 times a week, for areas such as the armpits, apply the skin barrier cream!

Save more by getting the 2 Step Skincare bundle!

How to identify if you have melasma? They look like these dark patches on your skin, almost like a new dark layer of pigmentation spots on your skin resulting from sun damage sometimes but most of the time resulting from hormonal changes.

These are the routines that have helped our previous customers:

1) Going on a low carb, low sugar, anti-inflammatory diet.
2) Applying sunblock 4 times a day, or every time it wears off.
3) Skincare routine: The Glass Skin Bundle Deal

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a genetically based disorder of hyperkeratinization of the skin which causes your skin to have ingrown hairs stuck in your follicles and not surfacing which is the main reason for that bumpy skin and often times infected pores causing body acne as well.

These have been the routines that have helped our previous customers:

1) Going on a gluten-free diet
2) Skincare routine: Regular exfoliating with our Rhassoul600, which is essentially used as a body mask/scrub 4 times a week!

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