The Skin Barrier Cream (50ml)

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“The problem with every acne skincare solutions is this, we wear makeup to cover our blemishes and end up not really treating our acne. I am AMAZED with the SKIN BARRIER CREAM, holy moly, my skin is completely clear and I do not break-out with make-up anymore, it really does filter chemicals in make-up products”- Daphne Lim




Let’s be real, how natural can coloured cosmetics be? How non-clogging can it be? We noticed that with every customers acne clearing journey, they would usually end-up breaking out again due to make-up products.

So we spent 3 years researching how to prevent this, we came up with the skin barrier technology, which filters chemicals in make-up products and free-radicals in the polluted city air from entering YOUR SKIN.

The Skin Barrier Cream was also designed to be used at night, it contains 15 concentrated botanical extracts to heal the skin whilst protecting it. It is suggested to use it at night as a treatment cream as it contains stem cells and healing benefits that helps with the following:


✔️Shrinking acne (overnight onwards)

✔️Lightening acne scars

✔️Reducing Melasma/Pigmentation

✔️Brightening and rejuvenating dull Skin

✔️Tightens your skin’s pores

✔️Helps reduce inflammation caused by acne and eczema

* The 50ml Skin barrier cream lasts for 5 months*

Hygienic Packaging |  No Parabens/SLS or harsh chemicals | Vegan | Cruelty-Free



The Skin Barrier Cream

An award-winning product that acts as a multi-functional cream targeting 15 skin conditions using 15 wholesome natural extracts powered by Green-Technology.

This product was innovated for the sole purpose of saving customer’s skin. It is our best-selling product due to its innovative functions that can create a permeable barrier on the skin that prevents chemicals in make-up products or free radicals in polluted air from entering the skin, preventing breakouts.

It is used as an AM to PM cream, where in the AM it can be used as a primer & skin protector and in the PM as a night treatment cream for skin rejuvenation, repair, and enhancement!



Acne: Willow bark extract, Sacha inchi, Manuka oil, Baobab extract & Magnolia Bark extract in the skin barrier cream reduces tiny bumps on the skin, cystic acne inflammation & fungal-acne.

Effect Timeline: Overnight onwards/8 hours.


Scars & Pigmentation: Hibiscus extract, Plant stem cell & Bearberry extract( commonly known as Alpha-arbutin) is used to target Reducing scars from 3 days onwards.

Effect Timeline: 3 days onwards.


Pores: Hibiscus extract & Phyto stem cells in the skin barrier cream acts as an exfoliate the surface of skin which reduces the appearance of pores almost instantly on the skin!

Effect Timeline: Instant


Eczema: The use of sacha inchi oil and chaulmoogra oil calms down flare ups in eczema within minutes of application.

Effect Timeline: Instant


The skin barrier cream won an award for its innovation called the “barrier-technology, skin-filter system”in the Halal-hi tech challenge by the Malaysian government and Small Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMECorp Malaysia)



When should I use The Skin Barrier Cream?

  • In the morning as a primer before makeup, and 5 minutes before bed at night as a night treatment cream.

How does The Skin Barrier Cream work?

  • The skin barrier cream contains a film-forming technology that acts as a film/filter on the skin to prevent chemicals in make-up from entering the skin. It is important to note that this film-forming technology is a water permeable layer, it is extremely breathable and light.
  • It is recommended to use the skin barrier cream at night as well as it also contains 15 botanical extracts that helps with smoothening out bumps, shrinking acne and pore size and reducing scars and pigmentation.

Can The Skin Barrier Cream treat pimples?

  • Yes! The skin barrier cream contains willow bark extract ( which is the natural form salicylic acid) and 14 other anti-inflammatory extracts targeting to reduce inflammation on the skin.
  • Around day 1 it is predicted for your pimple to start drying. At day 3, it will start shrinking in size significantly and by 7-10, most customers find their skin smoothen out and left with 75% scarring (However, this depends on the severity of the acne, timelines can differ.)

Can the Skin Barrier Cream reduce acne scars and pigmentation?

  • The skin barrier cream contains Alpha-Arbutin, Soy stem cells, Hibiscus extract, Daisy extract all targeted to reduce severe pigmentation and scarring.
  • Because of its collagen pricking abilities, it is able to promote more collagen growth on the skin, which is great to also reduce pore visibility.

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